Dr. Charles Redd

Leadership Motivator/Teacher

Dr. Charles Redd, Jr. is a nationally recognized Fortune 500 business leader, adjunct professor, speaker, and ministry founder. With more than 30 years of exceptional performance in both business and ministry, Dr. Redd has a profound approach to developing successful leaders.  His track record of transforming underperforming sales teams at The Hershey Company, PepsiCo – Frito-Lay, and Coca-Cola Enterprises has made him a national leader in operations, sales leadership, and sales revenue.  Dr. Redd’s approach to building exemplary leadership teams has resulted in record-breaking sales in major retailers including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, and convenience stores, as well as high rates of retention and increased morale.

Committed to corporate and community leadership, Dr. Redd has been recognized by multiple organizations for his public service.  Through a partnership with Clark Atlanta University and Oakland Community College, Dr. Redd trained and prepared college students to become leaders in both the workplace and community.  Additionally, Dr. Redd was selected out of hundreds of executives to champion an initiative that aims to reduce recidivism rates. The initiative, Project 100, works to help ex-offenders integrate back into their communities and families through education and job placement assistance.  He has also served as a youth pastor and discipleship teacher providing God’s wisdom to hundreds of people each year.

In addition, Dr. Redd serves as an educational consultant with Time to Teach: Center for Teacher Effectiveness.  As a certified trainer, Dr. Redd works with K-12 education professionals to develop leadership strategies that improve classroom discipline.  

With his expertise in building teams, inspiring excellence and generating results, Dr. Charles Redd also hosts a podcast, Dr. Charles Speaks.  Through his podcast, Dr. Redd delivers encouraging teachings and lessons from his ministry experience and professional career.  On this platform he shares his profound, yet practical approaches to developing successful leaders. The podcast is available on every major streaming platform including iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, andYouTube. 

Dr. Charles Redd possesses a Doctorate of Ministry in Transformational Leadership; Master’s Degree in Religious Studies; Master’s Degree in Management & Supervision; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Business Administration. He is a certified John Maxwell member, recognized as a mentor, teacher, trainer and speaker. 

Speech Topics for Dr. Charles Redd, Jr.

1. How to create a winning sales team through positive leadership: Players win games and teams win championships.  In this speech Dr. Redd details proven methods to create sales teams that meet and exceed revenue goals.

2. Transformational leadership:  No matter where you are today, there are opportunities for growth. In this speech, Dr. Redd discusses the attributes and behaviors of professionals who have elevated their leadership impact to positively impact their organization and reach the next level of success.

 3. How to strengthen your brand for success: You won’t find out who you are until you’re willing to let go of who you’re not. In this speech, Dr. Redd will outline strategies on increasing brand equity that do not compromise principles and priorities.

4. Next level leadership:  Coaching leaders to achieve their dreams. In this speech, Dr. Redd shares how to develop your skills to become a well-informed, self-aware and knowledgeable leader both inside and outside the boardroom.

 5. Lifelong learning for lifelong success: In this speech, Dr. Redd tackles the idea of lifelong learning in professional development and why the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge will allow you to seamlessly navigate change in the workplace.


Photographer: Keilan Scott

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